If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

-2 Chronicles 7:14



Why are you organizing the We Humble Ourselves Event?
To bring healing to our Nation and to our Nation’s citizens.

What does it cost to attend?
Nothing. The event is free. Food will be available at minimal cost.

Who is paying for it?
Patriots who love their Country and Christians who love their God. Some of the performers have volunteered their time because they believe in the project; and vendors provided the best prices they could to our non-profit charitable organization.

 Who wrote the script for the program?
One of the event planners, with counsel and advice from others.

 What famous people will be on stage?
None. Well, unless you count George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The Event is meant to bring healing to the Nation. Any famous actors, musicians, politicians or media personnel would only distract from the message.

Why is the first performance in Dearborn?
The Founder of the event was born and raised in Dearborn and lives there now.

Why do you mention Christianity but none of the other religions?
The event is mainly a historical recounting (and celebration) of our Nation’s founding. Of the recognized 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention (The Founding Fathers), 51 of them were Christians of various denominations. Three were Deists and one had an unknown affiliation.

Who is invited to attend?
Everyone! All residents and friends of Dearborn, and anyone who wants to help bring healing to our Nation.

What political party is We Humble Ourselves aligned with?
None of them. We Humble Ourselves has not sought an endorsement from, nor is it aligned with any political party or any politicians. We do hope, however, that many of them will choose to attend the Event!

Is this Event meant as a chastisement, or reprimand for non-Christians?
No. It is a celebration of all the good things that made our Country the greatest Nation on earth.

How can we sign up to help with your Dearborn event?
Now you’re talking! Go to the “Get Involved” page and click on the area that interests you most. We’ll be in touch.

How can we plan an event like this in our city?
Contact the Event Director at Mary@WeHumbleOurselves.com